Feedback has shown that services with avail® have increased productivity through:

  • Self-directed learning – increasing task-based learning by 50% and the ability to serve more clients
  • High-quality, research-based programme to facilitate successful employment placement
  • Built-in responsive job analysis for easy task implementation and task creation
  • Data management and monitoring for effective management and reporting



  • Personalized discreet prompts available to the individual at all times, as and when they need it
  • Engaging and motivating content on their smart device
  • Building confidence and reducing anxiety surrounding new events


  • Access to a range of pre-created content related to pre-employment and employment skills
  • Building capacity, developing content related to the program which can be shared across the organization and students

Services Provider

  • Relocation of resources, decreasing the 1:1 prompting from support staff
  • Transfer profile which can move from one service or employment, enable a successful transition and communication
  • Monitor and track progress, support best practice and government objectives to deliver outcome based programmes.

All packages are customized to the needs and organization goals,which includes:

  • Learner (employees) licences
  • Job Coaches licence
  • Organization account and library
  • Access to all pre-created content and unlimited reports

Additional services include:

  • Onsite Training
  • Content Creation
  • Quarterly Management Reviews

avail®  is funded by multiple government and state programs, including the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and under Assistive Technology.


Questwell's experience with the avail® software has been astounding. With our agency using the avail® software, our job coaches were able to help more individuals then before because we are able to phase out at an accelerated rate and still give the support the client needs with the software.

Questwell, Supported Employment Agency