Launched in 2017, avail® was researched and developed from a desire to both raise public expectations and empower individuals to achieve their goals. From our academic and professional backgrounds, we questioned how we could revolutionize how we support individuals, to equip them with the tools to self-manage their day and have ownership. The advances in technology can now support such an approach. In addition, we wanted to support organizations to be in line with best practice guidelines, implement evidence-based programmes which report and achieve data-driven outcomes.

This has been achieved, and today the solution is funded globally by many local authorities and governments as a leading solution and proven to have life-changing impact for users.

avail® enables individuals to combine Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) tools, evidence-based interventions and technology to create an interactive online platform, providing virtual support for people with learning disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Brain Injuries and other cognitive related disabilities.

Awards and publications

avail® has grown substantially over the past five years and is now available in Ireland, UK and North America.

Changing Lives Award Nominee

North East Regional Award Winner

The National Enterprise Awards are organised by the National network of Local Enterprise Offices and celebrate the achievements of Ireland’s micro-enterprise sector.
The awards recognise and celebrate the success stories of small business owners from all over the country.

Business Post

Software Firm Gives Disability Support Online

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Irish Times

In this Irish Times article, Lisa Marie Clinton, founder of Avail Support, discusses the origins of Avail, and how her ideas to integrate best teaching practices with digital technology to transform how assistance is provided to those who need one-to-one support, led to creation of a solution that supports thousands of people world wide.
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Nationwide TV

RTE’s Nationwide Valerie Waters talked to Lisa Marie Clinton on how Avail Support helps children and adults with special needs, gain independence with every day tasks.

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15 amazing companies supporting neurodiverse talent

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