From spending years delievering Services, we understand the challenges and needs to deliver person-centred plans and demonstrating outcomes.

Combining Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) tools and evidence-based interventions with digital technology, avail® enables services – both Day Services and Residential to effectively offer person-centred programs to the individuals they serve.

Utilizing our content and creating your own will able you to seamlessly deployment and extend resources across your service, increasing your capacity to serve more clients.




  • Self directed prompts
  • Independence and less reliance
  • Environment to learn more complex skills with 24/7 support


  • Pre-created content, with the ability to create your own
  • Generated report based on outcomes
  • Seamlessly complete individual assessments in minutes

Services Provider

  • Actionable insights on activity and process
  • Building capacity and quality of service
  • Quantifiable statistics and evidence-based reports to share with key stakeholders

All packages are customized to the needs and organization goals, which includes:

  • Learner licences
  • Support staff licence
  • Organization account and library
  • Access to all pre-created content and unlimited reports

Additional services include:

  • Onsite Training
  • Content Creation
  • Quarterly Management Reviews


I strongly recommend AVAIL for any educational pathways aimed to transfer competences, especially social, independent and employment skills to youths and adults with ID in different learning environments such as schools, training centres, service providers and volunteering organizations of persons with disabilities.

Dr.Ivan Traina,Marie Curie PHD researcher