Avail Support Stories: Bob

Questwell is a certified employment specialist in Colorado which provide direct employment services for the state of Colorado. The team support individuals with the process of getting a job, from doing interview prep, job coaching and follow up support. This case study provides an overview of how they have use avail® employment program for a 5-month period.


With the support of Questwell Bob secured a job a vet clinic, he has a short- term memory loss and has difficulty remembering the process and procedures to complete employment duties.

How Questwell used avail®:

Ouestwell created 34 employment related tasks on Bob’s profile, most were employment duties within his role at the vet clinic, where the rooms needed to be cleaned to surgical specification but also support in clocking in and out of work. The Job Specialist shares how they used avail® ®: We made tasks on the avail® app so if the individual needed help remembering how to clean the rooms he could click on the task and it would walk him through how the vet clinic wanted him to clean the rooms.
We created digital prompts with the client to help spark and instruct what Bob needed to do, as the employment duties need to be completed to surgical specification. When it came to more detail-oriented tasks, we made a step by step digital instructions to help Bob when he forgot the process to clean the vet clinic room or kennel. It took about two weeks with job coaching support when we noticed improvements and acquisition of skills.


Now with the avail® programme the Job Coach is no longer needed because he can tap on the created tasks as and when he requires assistance, it walks him through whatever task he needs help with.

Financial Return:

We noticed a significance return when we implemented the program with Bob, while there was a period of set up and personalization, we quickly started to see the impact of reduced 1:1 support. Where Bob required onsite support 4 times per week, this was able to be reduced to once per week as he had access to remote support and prompting via avail®. This enabled us to reduce onsite support and follow on support, in addition to increasing our capabilities to support more clients.

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