Please review the following, if you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to us here

What device is avail® available on?

avail® is available on both Android (Andriod 5 or later) and IOS (iOS 8 or later). To access the web portal (typically as an admin / manager or facilitator) the following software requirements: PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with IE 11*, Chrome 43+, Firefox 52+, and Edge 40+ (or EdgeHTML v15+) Mac: OS 10 or above with Safari 9, Chrome 43+ or Firefox 52+

What is the cost?

We develop packages based on the service, the number of clients they serve and support. Please fee free to contact here to discuss with the team.

What can avail® be used for?

avail® has unlimited uses! Your profile is designed solely around your learner, their goals and ability. It can help teach any task or independence in completing an activity. avail® is also used to support understanding of an event to reinforcing therapy sessions. For more information please identify your area of interest: Education, Service Provider, Employment.


Is it suitable for the individuals l support?

avail® is being used by individuals with varied abilities and across all ages. It is recommended that they have prior experience using smart devices, but aside from that avail® has been successfully used for learners with varying challenges. The tasks and individualized steps are personalized based upon the needs of the individual learners.

Can avail® be accessed on multiple device and services?

Yes, it is important that the learner has access to their support across all of life’s domains. Therefore we have ensured that the user can access avail® on three distinct devices at any one time. For example, the learner could have access to it at home on their tablet and at school on the school’s iPad. Equally the facilitator supporting that learner can have multiple logins such as on their smartphone and on a desktop.

Can you support our team with implementation?

Yes, avail® have a complete and well developed onboarding program to support you and your team. Initially, we have a project kickoff call with the program owners in your organization, followed by facilitator and manager training, instructing them on all aspects of the solution.

Following on from there we have regular check-ins and facilitator forums reviewing the successes and addressing any challenges that the team encounters. Of course our service team is always here to help so do feel free to reach out to us at any time, please contact us here.