Using avail® technology to empower those with intellectual disability, while supporting carers and their organisations.

24 Oct 2019, In the News

There are as many as *200 million people have an intellectual disability globally. What are we doing to enable each one to live an independent and fulfilling life?

At Avail Support, we believe that with advances in technology, we can now not only better serve this group but change lives!

Derived from 35 years of clinical research, 12 years professional experience implementing principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and user feedback, Avail Support is providing an international and award winning solution.

Creating personalised plans for the users on their smart device (phone or tablet), avail® acts like a virtual assistant, at the learner’s fingertips empowering them to reach their full potential through powerful video modelling. Facilitators and Job coaches benefit from libraries of content available for their users to make the most of their time, while organisational managers have reports available at ease enabling them to support and monitor user activity and progress.

We have had great success in supporting users at home and in particular at the workplace as they onboard with ease and learn new skills. The real-time data management systems allow facilitators to securely monitor from a distance, assess and fade prompts as appropriate.

Some key outcomes and validation:

·      Studies demonstrating 60% independence within 8 digital sessions (across 6 weeks)

·      Users reported between 40-66% fewer problem behaviours in 3 months

·      Delivered over 10,300 individual sessions, with over 1,000 goals achieved.

·      Multiple successful academic studies from Applied Behaviour Analysis institutions relating to independent living, employment and decision making

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Most common goals achieved through the system:

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<p>If you are a service provider, research institution or interesting in our work please feel to connect with us via or website or email at</p>
<p>*<em>Sources: </em><a href=American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities; the United Nations Development Program; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About Avail Support:

Avail Support is an international and award-winning digital healthcare company, which launched the avail® solution in 2017. avail® delivers evidence based, personalised programmes to individuals with cognitive related disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, learning difficulties and brain injury. These self-directed, digital programmes are empowering individuals to independently complete daily life activities, manage challenging environments and navigate the world around them. Avail Support partner with organisations such as schools, employment and support agencies that assist individuals to achieve independence.

About avail® Support

avail® Support is a multi-award-winning global healthtech company; since launching in 2017 it has gone on to support over 1000 users across its global customer base, delivering evidence based programmes to individuals with cognitive related disabilities. Today, avail®’s expanding library of evidence-based programmes and content creation address a broad spectrum of disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Brian Injury and has the potential to support those with Dementia. Over 15 years of academic research and clinically led randomised controlled trials (RCT) demonstrate avail®’s programmes are extremely effective and provide positive outcomes on a par with face-to-face support.